Lonely Wellington

Lonely Wellington is an extension of Lonely’s branding touch-points and service focus for New Zealand’s capital. Continuing with an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth, the store aims to capture the quiet intellect of the Wellington customer with materials and finishes more suited to their cooler climate.

For the one hundred square-meter space, the design direction is again a dialogue between hard and soft surfaces – between confidence and privacy. Materials and textures that were previously refined and sleek are now muted, softened, and more tactile – a palette of warm grey, earthy green, and deep purple continue Lonely’s theme of sophistication and simplicity.

The Lonely brand speaks strongly about layers of intimacy so a space that focuses on the customer, their experience, and the process of buying lingerie still remains essential. The Lonely Wellington space hopes to expand our vocabulary of what it means to be modern and romantic.

 Photography by Simon Wilson