Kowtow Wellington

Kowtow was established in 2007 with the desire to create an ethical label that would be the example of a fashion-forward, global thinking business. 11 years on, the label opens its flagship store in their hometown of Wellington with an emphasis on natural, locally sourced and sustainable materials.

The store articulates minimalism, simplicity, and generosity. From the outside, two large windows frame the space. Instead of traditional displays, passer-by’s have an open and transparent view of the store’s day-to-day life. Floor-to-ceiling structures divide the space with a strong rhythm and create a bespoke racking system. The large point of sale anchors the space and invites conversation.

All aspects of the store have been selected with sustainability in mind; sustainably grown and milled timber, handmade ceramic tiles from Gidon Bing, FSC certified joinery and textiles.

In collaboration with Makers of Architecture

Photography by Simon Wilson