Resident – Euroluce 2017

Resident's 'Dark Matter' exhibition aimed to build on the previous three year's participation at the Milan Salone and the opportunity to showcase Resident's latest collaborations with NZ and UK-based designers presenting a collection of furniture and lighting as a bold, enduring, and further establish their exposure in the European market.

The exhibition incorporated refined monolithic geometries with integrated lighting and display elements and, through these volumes, aimed to demonstrate a sense of permanence and weight in a what can otherwise be an ephemeral and frenetic environment. The conceptual ideation was borne of the New Zealand landscape and our exposure to our unique and harsh geography.

As the Resident footprint occupied a 100sqm corner site, establishing and maintaining lines of sight for the product was imperative. The three large volumes – crown cut ply oiled dark black – not only offered the featured lighting a vivid backdrop but also allowed the spatial experience to maintain a sense of order and containment. The design aimed to be immersive; creating intrigue for visitors and curating their experience within.

The ‘Dark Matter’ exhibition presented Resident in a bold and distinctive tone while the simplicity of the design allowed for flexibility to expand and participate in other international furniture fairs with a similar immersive quality. The exhibition established a palette for the Resident brand that speaks, at once, of place but also of modernity and their position in a design-led global market.

Photography by Mary Gaudin